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C Radhakrishnan

C Radhakrishnan

C. Radhakrishnan, the renowned Malayalam writer is a multi-faceted personality who has worked as a physicist, popular science journalist, film director, columnist, and editor of national and literary journals. ‘Every living thing tries to estimate the depth and breadth of the waters it swims in, with an eye on what is real and true. Creative work, therefore, is philosophical processing’, says Radhakrishnan whose works carry strong philosophical under currents. As a person who got acquainted with Upanishads from early childhood, C. Radhakrishnan, in his works, has endeavored to bring strong connections between philosophy and science. Upanishads, epics like Ramayana and Mahabharatha and several works of Kalidasa have enabled him to remain focused without getting distracted by different small items of day to day life. By creating a strong affinity between philosophy and science, C Radhakrishnan has attempted to generate a unified existence of mankind, and thereby defeat various divisions of humans.

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