Session Themes

Session Theme Key attributes
india-1990 India since 1990 Demographic change – Youth power, Economic Liberalisation, Babri Masjid demolition, Rise of communalism, IT sector, Communication revolution, Consumer economy – Malls, Retail, Financial services etc
Ideas-equality Idea of Equality Man-Woman-Transgender, Rich-Poor, Upper cast-Lower cast, White skin-Black skin, Majority-Minority community
Ideas that changed the world Marxism, Gandhism
media-journalism Media & Journalism New age journalism, Social media news, Post truth regime, News room gimmicks, Reporting v/s news making
theatre-cinema Theatre & Cinema Future of theatre, Impact of technologies, New gen cinema, Change in viewership pattern, Future of cinema viewing
indian-knowledge-heritage Indian Knowledge Heritage Indian contribution to global knowledge pool, Right and fake claims, Ancient Indian Universities, Chaturvarnya and knowledge
scientific-temper Scientific Temper Relegion and Science, God men and belief in miracles, European model of rational thinking, Science and society
knowledge-freedom Knowledge Freedom Knowledge as commercial commodity, Patent as tool of knowledge hegemony, Developed world and knowledge hegemony, Free and open knowledge
emerging-technolgies Emerging Technologies Artifical intelligence, Robotics, Nano technology, Big data, Block chain, Augmented reality, Space travel, Gene editing
kerala-in-history Kerala in History Kerala formation, Malayalam as independent language, Kingdoms and contributions, Trade hub, Global cultural influence
kerala-2050 Kerala 2050 Aged population, Environmental issues, Urbanisation, Migration – outward & inward, Climate change
foriegn-literature Foreign Literature Access to all country literature, New global trends, Translations, Role of literature in shaping up societies, Cultural exchanges
indian-literature Indian Literature Indian language literature, Indian English writing, Influence of cinema and television, Return of Myths, Indian language translations
publishing Publishing Publisher – writer equations, Self publishing, Independent publishing, e-reading as a challenge
artist-society Artist & Society Role of Artist, Commercialisation in Art, Artist' life as a cliche, Artist' interactions with common man, Instant celebrities
autism-talent Autism and Talent Literary and other talents of Autistic children, Creating eco system for nurturing talent, Special schools
malayalam-literature Malayalam Literature Modernism, Post modernism, Social media writing, Changing form poetry, Literature inspired movies, Criticism as a branch, Women writing, Is reading facing a crisis?
music Living Aesthetics – Music Changing trends of popular music, Influence of film music, Influence of technology, Rights of music and revenue sharing, Future of classical music
health Living Aesthetics – Health Kerala's health scenario, Life style deseases, Superstitions and fake news through social media, Hygiene and health, Commercialisation of healthcare, Allopathy and Alternate treatments
shelter Living Aesthetics – Shelter Urban habitats, Shrinking public spaces, Sustainable buildings, Rural urban migration and shelter challenge, People without houses and houses without people
agriculture Living Aesthetics – Agriculture Impacts of green revolution, Closer look at organic farming, Shrinking cultivation area and climate change, Depleting water table and agriculture practices to counter

Kerala, the most literate Indian state where reading is in the blood of common man and freedom of expression is sacrosanct, is at the forefront of nurturing a literary eco system that transcends beyond boundaries. Today, the Government of Kerala takes a leap and brings together literary lovers across the globe through an international platform – International Book Fair 2019. The fair which will be held from 8th -17th february 2019 at the Marine Drive grounds, Kochi, Kerala, will be a one of kind platform for international, national and local publishers who wish to reach out to the most well informed audiences with a rich literary lineage.

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