Appupen, is a comics creator, visual artist and musician who tells stories from the mythical dimension called Halahala. Appupen’s fourth graphic novel, ‘The Snake and the Lotus’, is being published by Context (March, 2018). His other graphic novels include ‘Moonward’ (Blaft,2009), ‘Legends of Halahala’ (2012) and ‘Aspyrus’, (2014) both from HarperCollins. Appupen launched his online comic series with the popular superhero satire ‘Rashtraman’ and ‘Dystopian Times’ in 2015. He is the founder/editor of Brainded India. & . You can also find Appupen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Kerala, the most literate Indian state where reading is in the blood of common man and freedom of expression is sacrosanct, is at the forefront of nurturing a literary eco system that transcends beyond boundaries. Today, the Government of Kerala takes a leap and brings together literary lovers across the globe through an international platform – International Book Fair 2020. The fair which will be held from 6th-16th february 2020 at the Marine Drive grounds, Kochi, Kerala, will be a one of kind platform for international, national and local publishers who wish to reach out to the most well informed audiences with a rich literary lineage.

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