Nenad Saponjat

Nenad Saponja was born on 13 April 1964 in Novi Sad, Serbia, where he lives. He earned MA in Social Psychiatry at the University of Belgrade. He is the owner and editor-in-chief of AGORA Publishing House. He edited and published more than 300 titles. Several titles, published by AGORA, received most prestigeous literary prizes in Serbia. In addition to this, he is a poet whose verses are renowned for a high degree of hermeticism. In the field of literary criticism, he promoted postmodern poetics and idiosyncratic interpretive approach to a work of literature, which assumes «living» in the literature. For many years he wrote a critical column in the eminent daily Politika. Besides poems and criticism, he also writes short fiction. His first book of poetry Gioconda (1990) was awarded with Branko Radicevic Prize. His collection of essays Bedeker sumnje (A Traveling Book of Doubt; 1997) was awarded with Milan Bogdanovic Prize and also received an accolade by Prosveta Publishing House for the book of the year. His bibliography includes poems Odrazi varke (Reflections of the Deceptions; 1993), Ociglednost (Obviousness; 1996); More (The Sea; 1998), Cetiri poeme (Four Poems; 2000); Slatka smrt (Sweet Daed, 2012); Postoji li dodir tvoje duše (Is there a touch of your soul; 2014), Izgledam, dakle nisam (I look, therefore I ’m not; 2017); collection of criticism and essays Autobiografija citanja (The Autobiography of Reading; 1999) and Iskustvo pisanja (The Experience of Writing; 2001). He compiled several anthologies, The Prosveta Anthology of Crime Fiction being one of the most notable.

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