Sumangala Damodaran

In a Delhi seething with anger after the notorious riots of 1984, Parcham, a popular group of singers went around the city with a brave message of peace. Sumangala, the young singer who stood in the forefront was to become one among the many voices of protest in the nation. Sumangala Damodaran, the granddaughter of E M S Namboodiripad is a well-known musician and economist based in Delhi. For her, music is a weapon of protest and she gained strength as a revolutionary singer after being part of Parcham and for her, the age long tradition of popular music of the Indian People Theatre Association (IPTA) too remains the most inspiring one. Currently, she is teaching Economics, Development Studies and Popular Music Studies at Ambedkar University and is also part of a project entitled ‘Insurrections’, a collaboration with South African musicians and poets. She is also doing research on the relation between music and migration, especially, the migration of women under slavery and servitude.

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Kerala, the most literate Indian state where reading is in the blood of common man and freedom of expression is sacrosanct, is at the forefront of nurturing a literary eco system that transcends beyond boundaries. Today, the Government of Kerala takes a leap and brings together literary lovers across the globe through an international platform – International Book Fair 2020. The fair which will be held from 6th-16th february 2020 at the Marine Drive grounds, Kochi, Kerala, will be a one of kind platform for international, national and local publishers who wish to reach out to the most well informed audiences with a rich literary lineage.

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